Financial Tips For Young(er) People

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What do you want out of life? 

Wealth Defined

For me a charmed life is hiking in the mountains, driving back roads and camping away from people and being in nature. Spending time with my children and grandchildren. That is my wealth. 

Wealth is being able to lead the life you desire.

That is the goal:

To achieve that purpose of creating wealth – to live the life you desire.

I taught my children to live by design. That means you have to set goals and make plans to achieve your purpose.  When would you like to live the life you desire? Please do not wait until some time in the future. Live now. And while you enjoy life, build your wealth!


It does not matter how you earn your money, as long as you enjoy what you do and are happy. Don’t fall for the story that you MUST have your own business to become wealthy. Be who you are. Do what makes you happy. And do what you do well and a bit better.

Keep learning and studying – your best investment is in yourself. As you increase your own value, so your income will increase. Everybody pays for value.


It is not HOW you earn your money that will make you wealthy, it is what you DO with your money. If you spend more than you earn, then you will make other people rich and yourself poor.


Invest your money. In the beginning it will be be difficult, because we do not have a lot of options with a little money. But as your income and capital grows, it will become easier. My suggestion is to invest for income before you invest for capital growth. I will post about this later.


Invest in low risk stocks and bonds for the short – to medium term;

Invest in high risk stocks for the long term capital growth

Invest in property for long term cash flow and capital growth.


Do not allow money and wealth to rule your life, but always know what is happening in your finances. Stick to your plan, but regularly evaluate your progress and adjust where necessary.

That is the road to wealth!


This is not advice! Please consult with a financial planner before you invest your money or make any changes to your portfolio. Financial Planning is a holistic, personalized process.  Therefore I cannot be held liable if you just start making changes to portfolios or make random investments.




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