Lockdown Day 73 – 8 June 2020 – Birthdays

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John Denver Poems, Prayers & Promises Lyrics

This John Denver song says about my life that I what like to say.


The More Birthdays, the longer you live

I do not know why people get so excited about birthdays. Birthdays are actually extremely dangerous. Too many birthdays are the leading cause of death, apparently.  First thing every morning I turn to the death notices in the newspaper. If my name is not there, I know it is OK to get out of bed. People die alphabetically – fortunately, Maritz (my surname) is not abundant. I was born in 1959 and it is increasing in the death columns

I hope you realise I am following Shakespeare’s advice?


“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”
– William Shakespeare


Birth and life go hand-in-hand. Life is a miracle. To the best of my knowledge we could not yet create life. We could clone a sheep. But we did not start from nothing.

Life is a miracle, and therefore it is valuable. It amazes me how people can cling to life – far beyond where I sometimes think it is worthwhile. We love life.

We Think We Have Time

We Think We Have Time

I remember a Sunday afternoon when I was waiting in the car for my wife. A young man approached me. Torn jeans. One takkie without a sole. Weathered, dirty, and definitely using something, judging by his eyes. He aggressively demanded money. As he walked away, I watched him in the rearview river. I wondered what kept him alive.

For that matter, what keeps me alive? Do we need a purpose to keep living? I am not sure of that. Perhaps just living is enough. At the same time, I am not sure it is enough for me. I want to get up in the morning with something worthwhile to do. You will hear me say the worst thing after work, is not having work.  How do you go on leave if you do not have work? Yes, I enjoy my work. It gives a sense and a purpose and structure to my life.

My children and grandchildren also give purpose to my life.

My dreams give a sense of purpose. Dreams become goals. Right now, my dream that turned into a goal, to climb Devil’s Peak on 5 September gives purpose. It motivates me to exercise harder. To go walking when I do not feel like it.

Writing these journals during lockdown not only kept me busy, giving my days structure and purpose, it also helped me to live aware – of my own experience and reactions. It made me sensitive to other people’s reaction.

I was born a loner and I live a loner with a few people allowed in my circle. But even I realize that life is better shared. I am grateful for the people in my life, because without the people in my life, there would be no life, perhaps at best just existence!

Life is a wonder, and each one of us live our lives according to our own loves and likes and dislikes. That is how it should be.

Life is a miracle; we must appreciate it. I don’t think I appreciate it enough!

Life is marvel and we should “open” each moment like a child a surprise packet.

Keep People in Your Life

Keep People in Your Life


We must make life sensational.

We Must LIVE Life.

We must celebrate life before the funeral.

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