Lockdown Day 73 – 7 June 2020 – It Matters

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Just a reminder: this is my Lockdown Journal that I share, because I want to. It is my thoughts and my ideas. It was difficult to share my thoughts 72 days ago. It became easier.

Benedictus – The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace

According to Wikipedia:  The piece was commissioned by the Royal Armouries Museum for the Millennium celebrations, to mark the museum’s move from London to Leeds, and it was dedicated to victims of the Kosovo crisis. You can take the time to listen to the full CD.

The death of George Floyd set a movement in motion. And rightly so – racism is unacceptable. Repeat that: racism is unacceptable.

We do not have to say anything more than that, do we?

I regularly get calls from a South African organisation that focus on “the Afrikaner’s rights.” In general, I think they do not do too badly. But as long as they focus on ONE group, I will not join them.

People often try to get me to support or take part in action about farm murders. I agree, farm murders are terrible. But so are ALL murders. Start a movement against MURDERS and I will join.

As long as you put one person or group above another, I will not join.

And that is what made me think about agendas. I refuse to play by somebody else’s agenda!

“I came to the conclusion that in order to end racial barriers, I needed to run for the office of the president and put forth an agenda of social justice and world peace. In addition, I concluded that someone needed to run and challenge the liberal orthodoxy.”
– Jesse Jackson

“You’re not just voting for an individual, in my judgment, you’re voting for an agenda. You’re voting for a platform. You’re voting for a political philosophy.” 
– Colin Powell

“It’s normal for human beings to identify with their own separate self. The problem is that we get caught in that notion of ourself as a separate individual and caught in that individual self’s agenda.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

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The media is ablaze about racism, police violence and anything that you can hook onto that. It seems, as I have alluded the other day, that many people still live in the pre-primary school age. You remember how fights started in pre-primary? You hit me, then I hit back. Unfortunately, in a very subjective judgement I hit harder than you did, so you now must hit me harder, only now I must retaliate. I feel like saying like Marlize’s mother “Fop, GROW UP, people! Get a life! For how long do you want to live in reaction?”

Please stop the nonsense! Yabut, you did it first. Yabut, you did it harder. Yabut, you did it more. How about: Yabut, I will show you the right way?

Or don’t we know the right way anymore? How lucky that my Dad taught me “If they start first, then you stop first, then you have both done something first.” Fortunately, my Dad asked me: “Why don’t you switch off your brights?” When I answered: “Because he drove with his brights on behind me, and I want to show him what it feels like.” My Dad said: “Rather you show him what is the right thing to do.

It does not matter whether somebody is a criminal or not. Police brutality is unacceptable. It does not matter whether somebody is black or white, or any colour in between, murder is wrong and unacceptable. And if you put one life ahead of another, some lives will matter more!


As long as we can find excuses for atrocities, so long will it continue. Murder will not stop while we think a murder in one part of the country is less important than in my town. It cannot, because it shows there is a bad value system afoot. Murder will only grow less when we start planting white crosses on a hill for all murder victims, not just farmers. Perhaps that is not a bad idea.

Murders will not decrease until we are equally sad and mourn every life of every person who die at the hand of a fellow human being.

I try to live by the Golden Rule – DO unto others as you would like them to DO unto you. That is a perfect rule. It puts the responsibility where it should be – ME and where I have control over it – ME.  Therefore, because I want MY life to matter:





If you have a problem with that, please hit the unfriend button NOW. Don’t hesitate, don’t think about it. Don’t show yourself by trying to argue. If you have a problem, leave. NOW!




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