Lockdown Day 80 – 14 June 2020 – Ubi Caritas

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Lockdown Day 80 – 14 June 2020 – Ubi Caritas

Listening to Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf Oboe Concertos, Lajos Lencses

This morning we listened to a church service. It was a good service and sermon.

The sermon was delivered with “brackets” of Ubi Caritas et Amor, Deus ibi est (Where there is love and caring, there is God).

I remarked to my wife that it is, in its simplicity, and incredible song. Often, I hear people ask: “Where is God?” Simple, where there is caring and loving. Mostly, I feel like asking: “Are YOU caring and loving? It must start with us, we cannot demand it from somebody else.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”
– Margaret Mead

 The sermon was about the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would like them to do to you.” It came with a different twist. Apparently, the Greek reads: “As you would like others to do to you, do it to others.”

I like that. It forces us to think what we would like. I think it forces us not to be judgemental. Some time ago we were going away for a weekend. We had some leftovers in the fridge that we were not going to use but did not want to waste. It was my lucky day. At the robot there was a guy begging. When I gave him the bowl of food, he mumbled “thanks” and sat down on the kerb and started eating. Obviously starving.

It is easy to judge, but if I were standing there, how would I like people to treat me? I think, for me, with respect. How many people do you know that really do not respond to caring and love? In 19878 Chris tells me about a conscript in his platoon. Always in trouble. It is just the depth that varies. On a Saturday afternoon this trooper is scrubbing floors while his comrades are out. Chris says: “I looked at him and realise we are always shouting at him, scolding and berating. I decided to be friendly for a change. I sat down on the floor and said: “John, what is wrong that you are always in trouble?” John burst in tears, told a story of a life nobody desires – and started acting differently.

We can change the world with caring and loving! It will require vulnerability. I wrote about vulnerability on 13 April 2020 – read it here. Are we asking too much? If caring and vulnerability can ensure a better life for our children and grandchildren, do we still want them to inherit this world that we are living in?

If I were the employer, how would I like to be treated? If I were the employee, how would I like to be treated? We can build endless “what-ifs.” The fact is, if we start treating each other in the way we would like to be treated, the world would be a different place!

Once, in a discussion, somebody said: “Even if you do not believe in God, the Bible still has good advice for life.” It is true. Forget about the church and the Christians and all the wrongs they did and do. In stead of finding and arguing about all the things we do not understand, just focus on the things we can do. No, it is not easy to do, but we can!v

A few people seriously living with caritas can change the world. In fact, our quote says, it is caring that did change the world. I tend to agree.

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