Lockdown Day 35 30 April 2020 – Retrenched!

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As promised yesterday, here is the information that I received via email yesterday.

But first, my music is by Tygerberg Children’s Choir. I am a longtime fan of this choir. This song brings back wonderful memories. UKUTHULA

Some background. Barry Mitchell is a South African sales trainer trained by Blair Singer of the Rich Dad school. I am following him and get his regular emails and newsletters. I also regularly attend his webinars. He is really challenging and has excellent results. Unfortunately, I have not yet attended a paid event!  One day is one day.

Barry’s Website

Obviously, many of the people that I follow are as concerned about the financial effect of the Corona Virus and Lockdown on individuals and business. I copy the email below and encourage you to visit his visit his website and subscribe to his newsletter. Barry Mitchell’s Little Voice Mastering is probably the one course I need most!


Worried about losing your job or having to let go of your staff during this time? Are you wondering how you or your staff can build resilience through this and come out on the other side strong?

Job losses are inevitable. So, the only thing you can control is how you will handle it. Here are 5 tips of how you or your staff can mentally prepare yourselves:

The market is going to shed jobs and create new jobs. Everyone is at risk so, don’t take it personally.

Watch how you define yourself – you are not your job. Your worth is not determined by your title nor by what you have. You are much bigger than what you do and what you have.

Change how you think about making money – You need income not a job. Jobs and businesses don’t make money but sales does.

You are going to need to tap into new skills and new capabilities. Find out what it is that you don’t know and need to know; and get busy learning.

Be bold & courageous – there’s a lot of unknowns that lie ahead so it means risks will have to be taken. So, give yourself permission to get it wrong at first.

Q Nkomo


During a time of uncertainty here are some simple tips to assist you manage your CASH FLOW

Get Present with your money – Take a look at your last 3 months bank statements. Personal & Business.for all your accounts savings, cheque and credit cards.

Get an Awareness of how your money flows – What is actually coming in and what is going out? List all your Incomes and then all your Expenses.per account

Pay attention to your monthly debit orders – Are you spending money on subscriptions or insurances which you may no longer need?

Draw up a budget – Pay attention to what you used to spend your money on before lockdown, to give yourself an indication as to what you have managed to go without. Once you have allocated your main living expenses, see what is left for entertainment and luxuries, strictly stick to this.

Look at your interest charges – Pay attention to what interest you are being charged where. See where you are paying the most interest.

Get a plan with your money – Have a strategy for exactly where it’s going to go.

Cover the minimum payments – Take a look, what is your minimum payment amount due and pay at least that. If you can pay more, select one account that has the highest interest charge and pay the extra amount on that account. Once you have settled that account pay that same full amount into your next account. Before you know it you would have settled this debt.

Apply for payment relief only if you need to – Only do this if your income has been affected drastically and pay attention to the terms & conditions, it’s often not the pretty picture we think it is.

Look at alternative additional income options – If you can start working on something part time from home, take the opportunity. You will learn some new skills and meet some new people and make extra money which can go a long way in your future.

Be disciplined but don’t be hard on yourself – Here you are creating an awareness in order to take your financial power back. So Get Real and Honest with your numbers, then move with your plan.

Michelle B

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