Lockdown Day 34 29 April 2020 – Starting Over

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Somebody sent me this link yesterday. A cellist I like, music I love, a setting that fascinates me. A real winner that helps for depression.

HAUSER: Alone, Together‘ from Arena Pula

My thoughts today are about After The Storm?

Storms don’t come to teach us painful lessons, rather they were meant to wash us clean. –  Shannon – L. Alder

When the storm has passed, put your energy into rebuilding your life, don’t waste time looking back.
– Leon Brown

I found these quotes here.

In January 1981 there was the Laingsburg flood. One of those events that changes lives. It was a Sunday and I was driving back from George to Stellenbosch to start working and studying towards an Honnours Degree. I only learnt about it the next day, but I missed being stopped by the flood waters in Ashton by minutes. A friend had to make a huge detour. When the news reports and photos came out, I was dumb-struck.

It was a devastating event claiming lives and leaving an indelible memory on the lives of those who survived. Most people will tell you about the Laingsburg flood, if they were old enough in 1981.

A few weeks later I attended a Lunch Hour Concert in the Endler Hall. Rudolf Temming composed music After the Storm which he performed in the Fischmer Hall. I wish I copuld listen to that again, as I think of that music a lot these days. I could hear and feel the storm, hear the slow, soft start, the rising wind and increasing violence. I remember how the tempest of the music slowly subsided, and the music ended calmly. As I said before, every storm runs out of rain and the sun shines again.

A lot is being said that after the Corona Virus there will be a “new normal.” I have not yet read anything convincing by anybody trying to predict that new normal and what it will be like – beyond washing hands (and not buying toilet paper for a long time? – just a joke). I do not know what the new future looks like, either.

I do know without a doubt that on an individual basis we will have to create our own future. If you come out of this with a job or a business, you are lucky. If you think you will come out of this and find a job, I hope you are right. I rather think you should think of creating your own job. If you hit the subscribe button below and subscribe to The GUTSy Newsletter, you will get a link to that e-book I put on Kindle. If you followed my Journal, you will know about that book. In that book I set out my process of planning for After The Storm. It is free. It is simple.

Yesterday I listened to a coach again. I was depressed, but it will not help to wallow in the depression! I have to help myself if I want to help others. He encouraged us to “look at what you can do with what you have.”

He also advised us not to hide from reality “binging Netflix.” The message is always the same. “Experience what you feel. Do not run from it. Do not succumb to your fears.”

I still want to do Short-term insurance after the storm. What will I do to get clients again? Already some of my clients lost jobs and businesses. I hope they will get going again and will come back to me. I have to plan to rebuild my business.

If I want to start an online business, what do I need to do? What skills do I need? Where can I find the skills I need– YouTube is an excellent starting point. And Google, being what it is, many ideas pop up on my screen now! The Law of Attraction at work or plain simple algorithms of after the search?

I do not know what life will be like after the storm. I hope, I sincerely hope we are kind to ourselves and others. I sincerely hope that we will be kind to nature. I hope we live with heart.

I will still need money to buy food, pay taxes, and live. While I have time, I am trying to prepare as best I can.

Will it work? I do not know – yet. If it does not work, I have not lost anything. At least I am sure I can use the skills in other ways. As somebody said yesterday,

FAIL = First Attempt At Learning.

(I am always 1 day behind posting here. I rework my thoughts before posting. This morning I received an email that became my Journal – come back tomorrow!)

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One thing I believe with my whole heart, exactly like in Hauser’s video, the day will break when we take off our masks, come out of hiding with a smile and embrace life and each other with a new gratitude, closer to each other, because we share a storm.

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