Lockdown Day 17 – 12 April 2020

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Roger Whittaker sings A New World

“Everybody talks about a new world in the morning. A new world in the morning so they say.
I, myself don’t talk about a new world in the morning. A new world in the morning, that’s today.
And I can feel a new tomorrow comin’ on.”
Roger Whittaker

I think a sister gave me a Roger Whittaker LP while I was still at school.  The memories attached to Roger Whittaker goes back a long time.  I can remember playing the record on a Blaupunkt record player (from another suster)  while living in Dagbreek (men’s hostel) while a student in Stellenbosch.  More recent memories come from the December when we took my daughter to New Castle for her internship.  Driving through the Eastern Free State, Roger Whittaker was singing.  I simply love the Eastern Free State.  It has mountains and valleys.  In December it is green.  I remember the Farm Stall where we bought all kinds of cherry products.

The reason I am listening to this song this morning, is not to remind me of the good things I experienced while listening to Whittaker.  The real reason I am listening, is to remind me that I should not be so focused on the end of lockdown that I forget about Easter Sunday!  I cannot even say with certainty I will be here on the day lockdown ends.

As Roger Whittaker says, a new world began this morning with sunrise.  It is a gift.  The present is a present!  I must be careful that worry and fear about the day lockdown ends does not prevent me from enjoying the new world I have today!  I must appreciate, enjoy and live today as well as I can.  Easter Sunday is, after all, a day of hope that a New World is coming.

“A new world in the morning, that’s today.”

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