COVID19 – Lockdown Day 9 – 4 April 2020

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The sound of Libera – Sanctus fills the TV room while I am writing.

One belief that has carried me through many difficult times, is that things always work out for the good.  No matter how bad it is, there will be something good. When I was factory/production manager in an underwear factory, I learnt the clothing industry does not belief in lead times.  We had a Cut Make & Trim (CMT) guy called Ronnie.  A wonderful, gentle guy who did not allow anything to disturb him.  He was impossible to hurry. But his work was never late! Anyway, I would phone Ronnie and to his question “how are you?” I would answer “Building character.” It became a joke between us.  If nothing else, tough times build character.  It is about who I can become during Covid 19.

Rom: 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of thse who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

I belief this is for everybody, not only Christians. All things work for the good even for atheists! I trust in this almost in the same way I trust in gravitation.

“It is good, I do not know why, but I will in due time.”

In year 2001 I worked at the old NBS.  Bill Gibson, a sales trainer/motivation speaker presented a weekend training for the company.  I watched the video recordings.  Of all the recordings, I remember this story.

There was a King who loved hunting.  His best friend, adviser and guide, who always accompanied him where ever he went, used to say when something bad happens:  “It is good, I do not know why, but I will in due time.” And with that, nothing could get him down.  He always said it with a smile.  (Building character?)

One day on a hunt the King’s pan-rifle backfired, as they were prone to do.  The King lost a thumb and the friend said, with a smile:  “It is good, I do not know why, but I will in due time.”  The Kind was very upset with his unsympathetic friend and send him to jail.

Next time the King went hunting he was alone and got lost. A group of cannibalistic pygmies caught him, put him in a big pot and stoked the fire while dancing.  As the water was becoming a bit too hot, one of the pygmies dancing around the pot saw the King’s missing thumb as he was holding the edge of the cauldron.

In the pygmy culture, anybody with a missing limb is a deity.  They realise their mistake.  Take the King out of the pot, dress him appropriately, shower him with presents and escort him to the palace.  Back at the palace the King goes down to the cells without delay, frees his friend and says:  “You were right!  If I had two thumbs today, I would be dead.  I am so sorry.”  The friend smiles and says:  “It is good. I have two thumbs.”

Since hearing this story, it brings me a new perspective on many things that would ordinarily disappoint or discourage me.  Bill said that often an important appointment gets cancelled as you leave the office.  Perhaps it is to keep you away from that taxi skipping the red robot.  We would never know?

At least once did this story play out in my life.  I was working on short term insurance cover for client.  One of those cases that I love.  Not a standard, one size fits all policy.  You start calling a company, knowing they do not do this type of business, but hoping they can refer you.  You call, you send emails, you are referred.  Eventually the client and I have a conference call with the insurer who will give the cover.  It is really big business.  Financially it will change my blood group.  After the conference call everything is quiet.  Much later an insider confides that the insurer cut me out and did the business directly.  After all my work, it is a huge disappointment.

We do not buy Die Burger regularly.  One evening I am lying in bed, I have nothing to read, which is a frustration.  I start reading Die Snuffelgids.  From page 1 through all the Adult Services and get to the section where the Court Cases for the day is advertised.  I even read that.  And here is the company for whom I did all that work:  “XYZ (PTY) Ltd – Liquidation.”  I went to cold.  I would be caught up in that mess and with detrimental financial implications.  I HAVE TWO THUMBS!

I now know the King’s friend is right. (Incidentally the insurance company also disappeared!)

This morning I woke up with this story.

“Covid 19 is good.  I do no know why, but I will in due time.”

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