COVID19 Lockdown Dag 8 – 3 April 2020

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Actually, I searched for Vivaldi’s Spring, then Youtube  came up with Vivaldi’s Storm and I decided listen to the Storm amidst the storm.

The music I really want to listen to is Spring from the Four Seasons.  Below is Itzak Perlman’s version.

You can watch the video while you listen, as it has good photos.

“Keep walking through the storm. Your rainbow is waiting on the other side.” — Heather Stillufsen

My wife, the 2 dogs and I actually have a good time in the lockdown. My wife scrubs everything — I try my best to be invisible man so as to escape the brushing. I think the dogs are going to go into trauma when they need to stay at home when we go to work again. And me? I keep myself busy learning and trying to sharpen the tool.

Yesterday my very first Kindle book was uploaded.  It was so easy, I cannot believe it took me so long to do it. The feeling of achievement was very good. Yesterday afternoon, when we sat outside in the shade of a big tree eating, I said to myself: a year from now, I will look back at this time and say: this is the best thing that ever happened to me.

In this regard I am incredibly grateful for many people who freely give in this challenging times. Brian Walsh hosted a webinar last Saturday that gave me the boost to not only upload my Kindle book, but also broadened my horizons. Scott Cundill got together a group of international Sales Trainers on Sunday to exchange ideas for an hour – what that gave me is priceless. Lastly, but not least , Udemy, who yesterday sent me another list of very interesting free courses (I might be Udemy’s biggest supporter).

As I on the one hand think of people with gratitude, my heart reaches out to other people. It must be terrible to be alone during this lockdown. I hope everybody who is alone have somebody who call them or WhatsApp them, reach out or send them jokes. My heart goes out to people who sit in flats and can’t get outside. Even more if they have children. It must be terrible for children to be locked down in a flat. My heart goes out to people with elderly parents and relatives. My heart goes out to the elderly who must be in a solitary room in isolation.  It is natural for me that I want to be close to the people I love in these times. I suspect other people would also be concerned about loved ones. People love their parents, so they will be concerned about parents.  If you are a parent, I don’t have to say anything about a parent’s protective feelings for child. My heart goes out to the people in the townships. There is so much criticism that they do not stay inside. Perhaps the very best that they can do is to be outside in sunshine and fresh air, rather in cramped space close to each other. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in that situation.

Now we are grateful for what we have.  We do not complain about we do not have.

This weekend Brain Walsh offers a very big webinar with about 30 international speakers. I ‘m really excited about attending a I am looking forward to everything I am going to learn.

Whatever I do, I have this believe “I am the tool” and the tool should be sharp and in good condition.  That is why am always trying to sharpen the tool.  Unfortunately, sometimes I have this feeling the tool is not sharp enough and I do not use it.  It more than just sometimes!

Itzak Perlman’s Spring from The Four Seasons


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