COVID19 Lockdown Dag 6 – 1 April 2020

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My music  today  is Wagner’s Prelude to Lohengrin.   Music  that  brings back good memories.   Among  other things , it  takes  me  back  to  a  holiday  in Natal and the  Friday morning  that  we drove  through  the  green, forest lined road.   There are  many more good memories associated with this music.

“Most people exist in an emptiness between memory and anticipation.” Louis L’Amour – Kiowa Trail

This quote  is  very  true.   We often live in the  past.   We  remember  good  things, crave “the good ol’ days.”  We remember bad  things and replay them like a bad movie on repeat.   Sometimes,  like Echardt  Tolle writes in Power or Now, we allow the  bad  things  to become our  “Pain Body” and it makes or lives miserable. The  problem  with the  past  is, it’s  over.   I  cannot relive yesterday.

I can fondly remember a Friday morning in 2012 in Natal, but I cannot go back to that day. In these times I see Victor Frankl cited a lot.  A good thing, because he really can teach us a lot.  Victor Frankl  also  said: “live every moment as if you have already done it and made a  mess .” It’s  not  a  verbatim  quote    –  I ‘ve read Man’s Search for Meaning decades  ago  over  a  weekend  in Hermanus.

Tomorrow, so  is  the  wisdom, is  not promised to  anyone .  Who  can  guarantee  that  he is going to be here  tomorrow?  And yet, it is the tomorrows that often mess up our future!  The worries about tomorrow.   All  that  “what-if’s”  that keep us so busy .  It keeps our minds occupied, it makes us anxious and we stop living – like a rabbit at night caught in the headlights of a fast moving car.  I love to play  with Excel’s “What-If”  feature.  It can keep me  busy  for a long time.  But that is a game!

Now, in Lockdown,  I think  most  of  us have the same “what-if’s” about money, finances or income .  What if the lockdown lasts longer?   Where  will the money  come from?  How  will I pay for the things I need?   Indeed  – how  will I pay for Checkers’s Sixty60 to  deliver food without income?  It’s  real concerns for many people.   Probably for most people.

It is not about the money  –  it is about important things like medical aid and  life insurance  –  it is about  the most  basic  things  on Maslow’s  hierarchy  –  physical  security  – food,  clothes,  shelter.   It is about health and financial security.   Maybe  in the  northern  suburbs  of  Cape Town  we  will now understand  something  about the daily reality in  Khayalitsha?  Although I think the person in Khayalitsha is better off than the person in the Notrthern Suburbs of Cape Town.  The man in  Khayalitsha  is  better off because he never trusted in Discovery or Sanlam or Liberty for security.  Money has never been his security. His  security lies in his community.   Perhaps we will learn something about this during COVID19.

At the beginning of the Virus, I posted on Facebook  about  Lietaer ‘s Future of Money and  one  of  his  solutions  –  Communitas.   I  see  Communitas today – security in and through society.   I see it in the  people who said to the lady who cleans our rubbish bins  that they will pay her,  she must stay at home and stay safe. I see it in people who freely arranges webinars on the Internet to help everybody. I see it in people and companies giving away paid courses to help people to keep busy or learn new skills. A month free at Scribd.   Access  to  virtual  Museum  Tours.   Morning  and  evening  gamedrives  in the Kruger  Park.   Communitas.

What strikes me from L’Amour’s quote, is the “exist” – we just exist .   We do not live.  In 2012 I had an amazing holiday in Natal, with Lohengrin. Although we often talk about it, it is in the past. It’s over.   I can’t live tomorrow.  When I try to relive the past or fret about the future, I end up existing.  I’m not living!  What a waste.  (Can we waste the lockdown, too, by keeping too busy to just be?)

I can only live in the now.   Here, where I sit now and listen to Lohengrin, I have to acknowledge my own feelings of  fear and uncertainty .   Here, where I sit now, I have to realize I can’t  do  anything  about a lot of things.  I can’t just sit and wait for the worst to happen.  The worst seldom happens, anyway.  And the situation will also not be as bad our imagination makes it.

Let’s enjoy the time we have.   When did I ever have the opportunity to sit at home and read Louis L’Amour in the middle  of the day without feeling guilty?   When could I ever keep myself busy with things  that  interest me without  feeling guilty that I am not working?

As a bonus, another of my favourite music

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