You Can Become Wealthy Working a JOB

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You Can Become Wealthy Working a JOB

Not everybody wants a business!

It seems there is a general perception that you must be in business to become wealthy. 

I am not sure where that perception comes from. I surely do not agree with it. 

Do not get me wrong, I love being in business for myself and by myself. I do not want employees and an empire. I know what I want and have what I want and I am happy. Not the Ferrari’s for me. 

That is me. There are other people who do want to be able to flaunt their wealth. Nothing wrong with that either. As long as you have what you want and you are happy.

It Is OK and Good to Love Your JOB!

That is the point. Not everybody wants a business. I know many people who are happy in their jobs. My wife is a very good example, thank heavens. She is a (music) teacher and a very good teacher. Heaven forbid that she wants to stop teaching to start a business. The idea is stupid, anyway. How will you and I learn to read if all teachers now wants to start a business to become wealthy!

HOW vs WHAT will Determine Your Wealth

It is not HOW you earn your money that will make you wealthy, it is WHAT you do with the money you earn that will make you wealthy.

It is as simple as that.

That is why I know a policeman who at 40 owned 7 rental properties and was wealthier than a surgeon. Or a with 5 properties at age 35. Or an Auditing Article Clerk with 2 properties at age 30. It is not how you earn your money. It is what you do with your money. It is what you DO!

Stick around this blog and I will share many ideas and insights from my experience.

For instance, have you ever thought that you can run a job like a business?  That is for another day.


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