What To Do In Case Of An Accident – Free Download

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Have you ever witnessed an vehicle accident? Even though you are not involved yourself? I think most people are in a state of shock.


The times I was involved in a car accident (and fortunately it is not often), I was rattled. To put it mildly. The time I saw my wife involved in an accident I was so rattled I wrote down my own cell number when the 3rd party gave me his number!

To help you in a situation like this, I have created a downloadable document that you can keep in your car.

Prepare with Info

Remember to note the detail regarding your Insurance Company, policy number and the emergency number on the document, so that you have the number available. If you keep this info on the document, you will not have to start wondering where did I save that number? Is it under Insurance or Accident or …?


It is important to phone the emergency number. In the first instance, if you phone the emergency number, you know you are dealing with a reputable company (I can tell stories about new batteries replaced with old, new tires replace by old) when you just allow any tow truck to tow your car. The second reason you use the emergency number, is because then you protect yourself against any towing and storage costs. I can tell more stories about towing and storage costs!

(Commercial policies often do not have an assist facility. Then it is still a good idea to call the company emergency number. Towing costs on a commercial policy works a bit different from a personal lines policy.)

Remember to take a photo of Towtruck – name and registration number and record name and number of the driver.


It is in bold capital letters, but never admit guilt in any way in case of an accident! Even if you are guilty without any doubt, don’t even say “Sorry.” It has to do with an insurance principle of subrogation – the insurance company takes over your fight. And if you admit guilt, you can prejudice the insurance company and they may refuse to pay the claim!


Lastly, inform all the drivers of your vehicle about this form and how to use it.

Remember to report the accident to the police and get a case number!

Happy and safe driving!

You can download the document here.

(You are welcome to share this document with your friends and print out as many as you need.)

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