Lockdown Day 70 – 4 June 2020 – Aroundtuit

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Day 70 and I am still here and safe. It is a blessing and grace. And responsibility for my own health!

I bought an excellent online course on How to Overcome Procrastination yesterday, if you want a recommendation. I will start the course tomorrow.

This is the music that started playing while I was doing my exercises: The Best Relaxing Classical Music Ever By Mozart


Today I have a present for you – in the present.

Over the last 70 days I have so often heard and read that people say we must appreciate our time and freedom. We must do the things we want to do. We must work on our bucket lists. That is why I decided to enroll for a course on procrastination tomorrow. I want to do the things I dream about while I still can.

Very often we put our dreams on hold, one day I will dive in the Malawi Lake again. One day I will tour through Namibia and visit Sesriem, Solitaire, Brandberg and search for the white lady of the Brandberg.

My gift to you are these two images – AROUNDTUIT. It will change your life.


Aroundtuit so you can live life

Since you now have your very own AROUNDTUIT, you can start doing all the things you always promised yourself. I will make the appointment with the dr when I get Aroundtuit. I will phone my parents when I get Aroundtuit. I will paint the house when I get Aroundtuit. All those things on the back-burner until you get Aroundtuit. Join the gym, visit the museum, read the book, climb the mountain, kiss the girl (don’t make her cry), do the course, whatever you always wanted to do – you now have Aroundtuit.


Here is your Aroundtuit. Just Right-click on Aroundtuit you like (or both) and select “Save as.” If you prefer you can click the image and it will open in a new tab.


Aroundtuit do it

You have Aroundtuit – now you can do it!

Stop putting life on hold, go buy a pair of Nikes, take your Aroundtuit in hand and DO IT!




I hope you enjoy your Aroundtuit – please share your experience with us and how you use it.


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Sharing is caring!

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