Lockdown Day 41 6 May 2020 – Chill

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Tomaso Albinoni – Adagio

After taking on the world the previous two days, time to relax!

“Enjoy The
Sound Of Silence.”
― Timothy Salter, Reflections in Short Poetry

“The fact is, inner peace isn’t something that comes when you finally paint the whole house a nice shade of cream and start drinking herbal tea. Inner peace is something that is shaped by the wisdom that ‘this too shall pass’ and is fired in the kiln of self-knowledge…” 
― Tania Ahsan, The brilliant book of calm: Down to Earth Ideas for Finding Inner Peace in a Chaotic World

“Sometimes, the most productive thing that you can do is to step outside and do nothing… relax and enjoy nature.” 
― Melanie Charlene

With some more music in the background, I am going to have coffee in the sun, my feet on a chair … and chill. It is the time of Coronavirus and madness.

I will step outside …


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