Lockdown Day 39 – 4 May 2020 – No Rights

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Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall

Many people will not like what I am going to say now.

It is very simple, if you believe in human rights, you have been had! Somebody screwed with your head and you are the victim of “thought control.”

I dare you to kiss a Corona Virus infected person and say out loud: “Virus, go to hell, I have the human right to health.”

I dare you to walk up to a lion and say out loud: “Lion, go to hell, I have a human right to live.”

Nobody has any rights, but everybody has responsibilities. Acting out your responsibilities will give you benefits and perhaps, some rights.

You have a responsibility to live responsibly.

You have a responsibility to keep the water clean, then we will all have clean water.

You have a responsibility to use water sparingly, then we will all have enough water.

You have a responsibility to keep the air we breathe clean, so we can all be healthy.

You have a responsibility to eat healthy, then you will have health.

You have a responsibility to practice safe sex.

You have a responsibility to not have more children than you can afford,
and if you are anti-abortion, you have a responsibility to care for the babies you save. You do not have a right to make somebody else responsible for your convictions!

You have a responsibility to provide for yourself.

You have a responsibility to treat your employees fairly (including fair wages) if you are an employer.

You have a responsibility do your work and to earn your money fairly if you are an employee.

You have a responsibility to govern to the benefit of all the people if you are a politician. Failing that you should be replaced.

You have all the freedom you need to choose whatever you want, but YOU, and ONLY you, are responsible for your choices.

You have a responsibility to maintain and look after the things you have – that includes governments who should maintain roads, airlines, Eskom and many other national assets.

It is my perception that the people who do the mind control and lie to people about “human rights” live comfortably. Since I knew him, this is the best example of what I mean. My example is Sydney, the Union representative when I was a manager in a underwear factory. Whenever Sydney could not get his way, he threatened me: “I will close this factory down.” To my question “what happens to the 150 people who work here if you close us down?” he shrugged his shoulders.  Not his concern. He would waste my time until he could go home early instead of back to the office. The factory did close down (not mainly because of the Union). Afterwards I regularly saw Sydney here or there. He never liked it when I asked him if he found work for the 150 people, yet. He still drove his Polo, though. Still wore nice suits. The workers, whom he regularly encouraged to strike, was unemployed.

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It is also my impression that when people insist on their “human rights” they want something for free. The only way that anybody can get anything for free, is that somebody else must act responsibly and pay for it! Governments do not generate money. They take money from people who generate money. Business, and only business (in a very wide sense), generates money. Somebody makes something that somebody else wants or needs. Somebody renders a service to help somebody else. That generates money. If politicians were paid for productivity they would be beggars. That means a politician can  only give away money that a responsible citizen worked for!

Human Rights that entitles people to stuff that they do not work for, make people victims! They become worse than charity cases. They lose a sense of pride. There are two types of people at the robots. Those who stand with a piece of cardboard and play an emotional game and remind me of their irresponsibility to have children that I now have to pay for. The other type is the person trying to generate an income by selling something (i.e. doing business), whether it is the Big Issue, BIG pens or just acting the clown to entertain people. Next time, look at the body language of the two types. The one has become pathetic, the other has pride.

(Before you get me wrong, I am a softy. I give away easily. I have empathy and even sympathy. I also understand that there are structural issues in the world economy, that make these words seem harsh. But whatever the case may be, nobody has rights.)

People do sometimes make wrong choices. I have made many. Sometimes people do need help. I needed help a few times. But I do not have a right to help. Help is voluntary, help is grace. Help comes from grace and should be accepted with grace and treated with respect and gratitude. It is gratitude that makes the difference!

You may asked what do I suggest?  Here it is:

As from six months from now, we will not pay any child-allowances for new babies.  Condoms and birth control are free and freely available – use it. We will pay for sterilizations and vasectomies. You choose.

We offer free entrepreneurship classes at public libraries and we will assist with advice and, on merit, with capital to start micro-businesses. If you show yourself trustworthy in the little things, we will trust you with bigger things. Government will (I hope I live to see this) act responsibly and make it easier for micro- and small businesses to start and do business. Big business will get a vision that more small businesses will be good for their business. Since I am dreaming, I am dreaming BIG. But I am not thumb sucking. I have at least read 3 books about helping the poorest of the poor. The first was The Fortune at the Bottom of The Pyramid.  I cannot remember the titles of the other two.

Since no teacher has any rights, I will get rid of any teacher who does not produce (please do not be to hasty to tie that shoe if you are a teacher, just do your work responsibly!). We need quality education to be able to choose responsibly. Teachers play an immense role in this dream of mine. 

Here is the thing! If you act responsibly and you do what you have to do when you have to do it, you will get to the point that you can do what you want to do when you want to do it. I think Zig Ziglar said that.

Human Rights make people poor, rob them of self-respect and make them victims. Human Rights will always lead to a minimal society. 

Responsibility leads to self-esteem and pride and abundance– even if it does not make you rich.

The choice is yours.

There is a comment section below, please tell me what you think?

To be continued tomorrow …


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