Lockdown Day 30 – 25 April 2020 – Columbus and the New World

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Conquest of Paradise is a Vangelis masterpiece. It is on the playlist in my Hilux a few times.  Whenever it starts playing, the volume must be as high as possible and the windows open. I want to feel the wind in my face, my arm outside the window. I can describe this feeling with just one word – INVIGORATING!

It comes from the movie 1492: A Conquest of Paradise telling the story of Columbus sailing to the New World.

There is one scene in this epic movie that stuck with me. Columbus is successful and makes enemies, as always happen with successful people. His drive to achieve his dreams antagonizes many people. Some people believe in his dreams, but they are not the people of power. His enemies ridicule him, a ploy as old as the world itself. Then this conversation between two officials:

“- Arojaz: What a tragedy. What a waste of a life.
– Sanchez: A waste? Well, if your name or mine is ever remembered it will only because of his.”
looking at Columbus from a distance after the discovery of America is attributed to Amerigo Vespucci

It is the dreamers who follow their dreams and work against all odds that make their dreams come true and change the world. Everything that is, started with a dream.  How will I enter the new world? With a dream? A dream big enough to change me and those around me? Timidly, fearful? I hope to enter it boldly, daringly, courageously.

I conclude with a few quotes I found motivating while looking for the one above.

Sanchez: [pausing to look] I see rooftops, I see palaces, I see towers, I see spires that reach… to the sky! I see civilisation!
Columbus: All of them built by people like me. [Sanchez doesn’t respond – shocked] No matter how long you live, Sanchez, there is something that will never change between us. I did it. You didn’t.

Sanchez: You know, Your Eminence, the fascinating thing about power is that what can be given so effortlessly can so easily be taken away.

Columbus: Damn God! Damn of all of you! You all sit at your desks concocting theories! Based on what? You never leave the protection of your gardens. Go out! Find out what the world is about and then tell me something I can accept.


“Every man is afraid when he does something for the first time. But those who overcome their fears will rightly earn their rewards.”

We cannot be lost as long as we keep faith in God and in ourselves. In time they will talk about the courage of the first men who crossed this ocean and returned. And then you will be able to say to them: “I was on the Pinta, I was on the Nina and the Santa Maria”.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt


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