Lockdown Day 13 8 April 2020

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Today’s music has a long history in my life. My wife (then still my wife-to-be) gave me this LP for my birthday. That was a long time ago, when I was still beautiful, young, clever, cute and at university.

Dvorak’s Serenade for Strings

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come.” – Zig Ziglar

I ‘m a great fan of Zig Ziglar. Of his accent, his humor and his wisdom. Not a book learning, but a wisdom gained through experience and life.

The quote is true. Why do I want to go up Kurktrekker (see previous post) if it’s going to make me weary? The 3 pictures that I have shared yesterday show very little of the reality! Wait until you are high above Jonkershoek, you turn the corner and suddenly it feels your next step is into the False Bay sea.

Why do we ride for kilometers, slower than a turtle, through trenches and holes and dongas? Because when you get to the top, you see what very few people are lucky enough to experience.

No matter what we do, if we are willing to suffer, to do difficult things with a lot of self-discipline and sacrifice, it is always for what we hope to get at the end.  The athlete going out on the road at 05h00, the golfer hitting the balls one after the other for hours, the cricketer bowling for hours.  The biggest satisfaction comes from achieving something that we worked for.

Not one of us is on this COVID 19 path voluntarily, other than my examples above. I don’t think the COVID 19 path is easy at all. Not at all. There are some people for whom it is hell. There are people who are without food. And they are without food, because they were already unemployed before COVID 19 was a lockdown situation. No, it’s definitely not an easy road. I have written about the different situations in previous posts. Lockdown is certainly not the worst.

I believe with all my heart, I believe we can come out of this better. With all my heart, I believe the economy will rise again and be even stronger. Yes, also in South Africa. With all my heart, I believe we are going to be better people because of our shared experience and hardships and we experience, in different ways and from different sides, the people who care.

In terms of my hiking analogy, I do not think the end of Lockdown is the peak of the battle. We are going to have an uphill after lockdown to rebuild. Maybe some scrambles. The Panorama Route is like that. It starts steep. Flatten down, then steep again, flatten out a bit, then you start climbing. Then it becomes so steep and uncomfortable, you climb hands and feet. And when you get up from this scramble – it is the view over Berg River Valley that you see. A view so beautiful, that you immediately forget you are tired. You put down your backpack, drink water, eat something – all in silent awe. That’s why you do this next Saturday again, without thinking twice.

But you HAVE to get there first …

Nobody is in lockdown by choice.  Nobody chose to be affected by a virus, but we all are affected in some way.  We all have to travel this road in our own way.  We are on the same road, but we experience it differently and uniquely.  We can choose to get out of this bitter … or better.  (Why not read from day 1, if you have not done so already?)

We must be careful to waste a good disaster!  Nothing good will come from this, unless we create the good.  I already see so much good coming from this.

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