Lockdown Day 101 – 5 July 2020 – Benjamin Yorkshire

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Lockdown Day 101 – 5 July 20202

Benji Yorkshire

Snug Under Granpa’s Top.

Hi Everybody, I am Benjamin Yorkshire, Piet Maritz’s grandson. When my family moved to Ireland, I moved to my Granpa permanently.

Granpa agreed that I may share my story on his Covid-19 Journal. Here it is.

I love playing with a tennis ball (look at me chasing a ball in the banner photo). I can run after the ball and bring it back for hours at end. When I feel like tearing up a strange dog walking by in the street, I grab my tennis ball and rather take out my anger on the tennis ball. I love lying with Granpa when he works and especially when he plays with my ears or rubs my head. Don’t get me wrong, I will never go as low to wish I were a cat, but when Granpa rubs my ears, I would spin like a cat, if I could.

You may find it strange, but I do not like hugs. When I feel like it, I will jump onto Granpa’s lap and nudge him to scratch me or rub my ears. But no cuddles! Then I get anxious and struggle like a “wild animal” as Granpa says.

Benjamin Yorkshire

A bit tired, sitting on my seat.

But that changed this weekend. Grandpa is good to me. Whenever he can, he takes Chutney, my cousin, and myself with when he drives somewhere. When they go away for the weekend, I hear him ask if Chutney and myself are welcome, or he will not go. When he goes hiking, he takes me with, when he can. He shares his water with me, and I drink from his hand (I have not yet mastered drinking from the bottle, like Granpa, but I try). When I get tired, he carries me. I share this to show that I know I can trust Granpa. But I never wanted cuddles!

Last Wednesday I went for a haircut. It was a much-needed haircut, for not even I could distinguish back from front anymore. On Thursday Granpa put us in the Hilux, we drove a long time and got out in the mountains. We love the mountains and being able to run around freely and all the open space. It also means a lot of walking and hiking.

In the mornings it is very cold in the mountains. I am scared Granpa will go hiking without me if I lie in bed, so I go out with him when he has his coffee on the stoep. With my short hair, it is very cold, and Grandpa saw me shivering. He picked me up, but when he wanted to put me under his top, where Chutney always hides, I became anxious and ran off.

Yesterday morning was very cold. I really shivered and Grandpa picked me up. It was very cold, and I just kept on shivering. Then Granpa put me under his top. It was warm and snug, but I was tense. Then I realised I stopped shivering! I relaxed and lay under Granpa’s top like I often do when I lie in bed with him. It was actually genuinely nice. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much, that when Granpa had to take me out, I struggled to stay inside his top!

Now, looking back, I don’t understand why on earth I never wanted to sit under Granpa’s top. It is warm, it is snug and comfortable (especially with Granpa’s boep!).

Benjamin Yorkshire

Watching the sunrise on Granma’s lap – a rare occasion

This is what I learned: Be adventurous and try new things. Don’t let fear of the unknown or assumptions about things keep you back from new experiences. Don’t worry worry what other dogs may think. Try new things, try new food, try new activities, go new places, read different books, and watch different movies. Dance (naked) under the full moon, sing in the rain, build a rocket bath in the backyard. If you don’t like it, it is fine, walk away, at least you know what you don’t like.

But, like me, you may just discover something that you never thought you would like that you actually love. Life is short – grab the opportunities.


With love

Benjamin Yorkshire

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