How Do You Measure Wealth?

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Some people measure wealth in terms of cars, toys, gadgets, holidays.  All of these could be signs of wealth.

There is another, more accurate, way of measuring wealth – in days, weeks, months or years.  In Time.  Do yourself a favour and watch the movie In Time to get an idea!)

Measuring wealth in this way, is simple.  If, for any reason, you lose your salary today, for how long can you maintain your lifestyle with the money and income that you have (other than your salary)?  I encourage you to do this – debt payments (house/rent, car,. credit cards, etc), entertainment, food, school fees, clothes, all monthly expenses – how much do you need every month to live like you do?

If you take the income from investments – how much of expenses is covered? If you need capital to maintain your lifestyle you are in deep trouble!  It is at this point that you realise wealth is definitely not cars and gadgets!

So, what do think about this?  Please comment below.


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