Drought, Rain, Money

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In 2017/18 Cape Town experienced a serious drought. We had water restrictions and the authorities were planning emergency water deliveries. The dams were running dry. Every drop of water counted. And I mean every drop. No dripping taps. Collect shower water. 

Water got a new value.

Everybody was using as little water as possible. Any form of water waste was eliminated. Dam levels were the topic of every conversation, like Covid-19 and racism at the moment. Anybody could tell you the latest dam levels.

In the nick of time we were saved by a good rainfall. It was close, or Cape Town became “water bankrupt.” 


The sound of rain woke me up this morning. It reminded me of that time when water was scarce and became precious.

We could be fooled – water is still precious! We could think that, since it is raining at the moment, we will have enough water for summer. If we want to have enough water for summer, we need to save water now, while we have enough!


That thought made me think about wealth. The dams are like a savings account. Rain is like money we put into a savings account. We should not wait for a drought (scarcity or crisis) before we start saving. We should save while we have it to save.

We should know what is happening in our finances. We should be aware of how much money goes into savings. At all times we should be aware of the level of our savings. We should cut out wastage. Make every cent count! The biggest wealth is a collection of Cents! You can read about the Value of a Cent here.

Building a savings account is the first step to wealth.

That is enough for today.


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