Did You Know? What Happens With A Third Party Claim?

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Have you ever been in a Motor Vehicle Accident?  Do you know what happens after your vehicle is repaired or the claim settled?

Hopefully you have downloaded my Guide to What to Do in the event of a Motor Vehicle Accident.  If not, you can access it here.

You submit a claim to your insurer and so does the 3rd party (the other person involved in the accident), assuming you both have insurance.  If you do not have insurance, why not contact me so I can assist?

Your insurer repairs your vehicle and you drive off with a vehicle that is as good as new.

That is not the end of the process, though.  The insurers have people who look at all the information about the accident (claim forms with descriptions and sketches, photos taken at the scene, police reports, witnesses, dashcams, security cameras that may be available) to determine who is at fault.

Then the two insurance companies start “fighting” with each other to recoup the money they paid to repair the damage.  Contractually (in the policy wording) you, as insured, are committed to assist in this process to the best of your ability when called upon to do so.

What happens if you do not have insurance or decide that the other party is obviously at fault and you will not claim from your insurance?

Then YOU become involved in the 3rd party recovery (legal) process.  My best advice is to NEVER go there, unless you have no choice because you have no insurance.

If you would like to know more about this process, your rights and duties, you can also read this article from the FANews.

The bottom line is:

  1.  Get insured;
  2. Claim from your insurance who will fix your car properly;
  3. Let the insurance do the 3rd party recovery;
  4. Rest a(in)ssured

Leave a comment and tell us about your thoughts and experiences with MVA’s.

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