DID YOU KNOW? Insurance Follows The Law!

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Insurance companies have to operate lawfully.  That is no surprise.

But did you know that we, as insureds, have to operate within the boundaries of the law, or  a claim could be repudiated?

Here are some examples of when a claim could be repudiated:

  • Motor vehicle not roadworthy (for example tires worn beyond legal limit);
  • Driver with learner’s license driving without supervision of licensed driver;
  • Your workshop not complying with firefighting regulations;
  • Gas or electrical installations not done by qualified people and no Certificate of Compliance (beware of DIY jobs);
  • Driving under the influence (that happens easily, as the alcohol limit is very low).  Most insurance companies (and even banks) offer a service where you can arrange free transport in your own vehicle if you are scared of driving when your blood alcohol level is too high.

Businesses are regulated at almost every level and you have to comply or run the risk of fines and even closure.  Ignoring some of these regulations could also have dire consequences for your short term insurance claims.



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