Covid 19 Lockdown Day 4 – 30 March 2020

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My music today is from Karl Jenkins – The Armed Man – incredible music. I am listening to Benedictus.  Below is another version.

I am using Prov 4:23 for contemplation:  Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

My journey began long before lockdown and self isolation.  On 11 Feb 2020 I had a knee replacement and was homebound for 2 weeks.  I decided to use those two weeks productively.  Learning is part of my life.  That is what I do.  That is what I did.

I downloaded Manifest Goals Using Law of Attraction on mset my phone and set myself some goals.

I also read a lot about Law of Attraction.  A lot of what I read or heard sounds like fairy dust to me.  At the same time I cannot deny the “My fok Marelize” effect – if you say I must not hit the pole, you probably will!  There is something to the self-fulfilling prophesy idea.  We tend to create the things we think about.  Therefore I am not completely negative about the law of attraction.  I just don’t think lying on my back an visualizing winning the Lotto is going to give me the correct numbers.  Till Eulenspiegel  said “Nobody likes me, but that is how I am.” Our thoughts create things.

When I was about 16 years old, my uncle gave me a copy of Niebuhr’s prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference

It was on my desk even at university.  To my shame, I have to admit I only came to understand it a few years ago.  I can only change one thing in the whole universe.  Just myself.  Only myself.  That is all.  I can try to influence my wife, kids, friends, my domestic worker or gardener.  Good luck with that, they are just as influence-able as I am.  We only change if we want to.  What about the people in Khayalitsha or Europe or Donald Trump?  I can only observe.  No influence what so ever.  They will do whatever they want to do.  Even if I think they are wrong or stupid or ignorant.  They do not even know who I am and could care less what I think.  That is why there is no sense in wasting time or energy worrying about it.  In the same way I have no influence on exchange rates or interest rates.  I can just adapt to what is happening.  I can only change myself.  Changing oneself is about changing thoughts, says Romans 12 and thousands of books.

The weekend was very productive.  Saturday I attended a Brian Walsh webinar.  Brian has improved a lot.  He really has.  The biggest reason for the improvement, though, was because I was ready for the message!  As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Unfortunately undersea cable problems created internet problems and I could not attend after lunch.  What I could attend was really good.  John De Martini said an important thing:  “The Corona virus is not an obstacle in the way, it is the way.”  I will leave that to you.

Weekend 3 April there are 30 top international speakers at online webinar – free.  I will attend as many as possible, especially those about online business.  (This is an affiliate link, which means I might make a bit of money should you buy anything)

Sunday I started posting my journal on Moneyskills4life – a bigger step for me than most people may think.  And another contact invited me to an hour long discussion by international sales trainers giving ideas to “covid-proof your business.” Seems this Law of Attraction thing works!

Sunday evening in bed, reflecting on a good day in lockdown, I suddenly realised that there are 3 things that followed me like a shadow since my seventh year.

  1.  Each and every school rapport since 1st grade said the same two things:  I am helpful and my handwriting needs improvement (I think I should be a brain surgeon then. Just a joke.)
  2. Since my university years I always had a “newspaper” of sorts.  In Theological Seminary I had Diepseun.  An anonymous publication looking at things and commenting in a satyrical manner.  National Service with the Navy’s submarines, I had Periscope.  Even had a centerpiece.  One time it was a picture of people rowing a whaleboat and the heading:  “The person rowing the boat does not have time to rock the boat.”  Within 30 minutes of distribution Lt D rushed into my office and accused me that it was intended for her.  Now why would she think that?  In the Ministry I had a quarterly newsletter for the Teens.  The parents could not wait to read it.
  3. People trust me with their secrets (and I am proud to say their secrets are safer with me than money at Fort Knox).  People approach me for advice.  Like people calling asking what I think they can do during this economic period.  People asking business advice.  My opinion on things.  Or somebody who whatsapped me on Sunday:  “You were there for me during my most difficult time.” He made me think about this part of myself.  Often people call me wise.  I do not think I am wise, but appreciate that others think so.  It seems I add value, even if I do not realise it.

I will have to think how I can use these three things in the world after Corona.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please leave a comment below.

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